Petroleum Geochemistry

Natural gas & MUD gas analysis

Gas composition by GC/FID-TCD

d13C & d2H isotope analysis for methane to propane


Condensates / Crude oils

WOGC analysis by GC/FID

SARA fractionation

C15+ Saturate & Aromatic fraction by HRGC/FID

Molecular sieve for branched/cyclic isolation (biomarkers)

n-alkanes removal from molecular sieves after B/C isolation

Aromatic compounds (naphthalenes, phenanthrenes, alkyl-DBT) by GC/MS

Biomarkers (Terpanes & Steranes) by GC/MS and GC/MSMS

High Molecular Weight Hydrocarbons by HTGC/FID (n-C10 to n-C80+)

Diamantoid hydrocarbons by GC/MSMS

CSIA in n-alkanes & Biomarkers fractions by GC-IrMS

Bulk stable carbon isotopes analysis in crude, saturate and aromatic fractions

Bulk properties for crude oils by ASTM methods (API, Sulfur, Ni & V)


Rock and Cuttings

TOC by LECO and Rock-Eval Pyrolysis by Hawk or Vinci-VI

Bitumen Extraction by ASE-350

Occluded gas (C1-C5+) by HS-GC/FID-TCD

d13C isotope analysis by GC-IrMS


Produced and Formation Waters

Physicochemical characterization

Mayor and trace metals by ICP/OES or ICP/MS

Modeling using hydrochemical software


Hydraulic Fracturing

Chemical characterization of fluids

Crude oil or gas characterization after fracking

Water evaluation of flow-back after fracking

Gas Chromatography characterization of sand and proppants after fracking